Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween in Terrebonne

Last weekend was Halloween, as you all know. We decided to go to Terrebonne to spend Friday and Saturday with the Koehlers. We got there about 3pm on Friday and got to welcome Matt home from school. He was the first to get make-up. He made a very good mime ... if we'd only taken the movie camera. Josh was next to get his costume on. Pretty easy for him ... the costume actually had a little blower that fit right into the costume and kept him LARGE. We headed for dinner before tricking, and saw a lot more kids in costume at Izzy's. (They were doing free meals for kids in costume, so it worked out well.) We then headed to a nice neighborhood in Redmond and hit the streets. We were remembering previous years when it was wet and freezing, and came prepared. Turns out it was very mild and nice. I think Jeremy could have gone on all night, but Matt tired out first. I'm guessing this is Jeremy's favorite holiday!!! Even though he doesn't dress up, he sure likes organizing and pushing the boys to go to as many houses as possible. It was a fun night.
Got home and the boys checked out their haul. They both did very well. As you can see, everyone was dog tired.

Saturday, we headed out not really knowing what we wanted to do. We hit a few garage sales and antique stores and then we finally gave in and fed Jeremy. We decided to go see a movie before we headed for home, so we all got back in the Excursion and went to see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". It was a lot better than I expected!!! I would recommend it to any family ... Disney movies are always good.
Linda and I headed home shortly after 3pm and luckily it was just raining in the mountains. They got snow the next day!!!

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